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Edith King

Bertha Everard

Ruth Everard Haden

Rosamund Everard Steenkamp

Leonora Everard Haden

Nichola Alice Leigh


(1873 - 1965)

(1904 - 1992)

(1907 - 1946)

(1937 - )

(1966 - )

Sister of Bertha
Sister of Edith
Daughter of Bertha
Daughter of Bertha
Daughter of Ruth
Daugther of Leonora





Rosamund Everard

Both Ruth and Rosamund had inherited their mother's adventurous and determined spirit. After their unorthodox education on a remote South African farm, the girls were taken to Europe to further Ruth's artistic and Rosamund's musical studies. Here they were exposed to the vibrant and stimulating Parisian Art scene of the 1920's. Ruth and Rosamund developed the same liberated and strongly independent spirit that characterizes other remarkable women of the era. Uninhibited, unconventional and beautiful, on their return to South Africa in 1926, the sisters brought back something of the glamour of the jazz age to their farm on the highveld. Always the extrovert, with the latest Art Deco- inspired dresses and jewellery from Paris, Rosamund threw extravagant parties and Bonnefoi became the social hub of the region.

Rosamund's paintings of the time dazzle with the enjoyment of Clarice Cliff type colour. The landscape undergoes an artistic transformation in a Rosamund painting as the mountains and valleys become a decorative pattern of flattened and simplified forms.

Although a successful farmer, Rosamund could not adapt to the conventional role accorded to women in farming communities and so, in 1935, embarked on a career as an aviatrix. During the Second World War she joined the South African Air force and later the auxiliary service flying a shuttle service between South Africa and Egypt. She is reportedly the first woman in the world to have piloted a jet aircraft. Rosamund's remarkable life ended tragically in 1946 when she was killed while flying a Spitfire aircraft in England.

Rosamund Everard-Steenkamp was born in Carolina, South Africa 1907 - 1946

Art Education
- 1925 – 1926 Rosamund Everard-Steenkamp studied music at Paris Conservatoire but, sharing family interest in art, absorbed instruction from the Paris environment.

Short Artist Biography
- Daughter of Bertha Everard.
- 1922 – 1926 With Everard Group in Europe.
- 1926 Rosamund Everard-Steenkamp returned to South Africa; farmed at Bonnefoi, the family home; music and painting as part-time occupations; signed work ROSAMUND KING EVERARD. Trained and qualified in England as a pilot.
- 1939 – 1940 Rosamund Everard-Steenkamp was a flying-instructor in the Eastern Transvaal.
- 1940 Rosamund Everard-Steenkamp married and settled on a farm near Bonnefoi.
- 1940 – 1943 Rosamund Everard-Steenkamp joined South African Air Force; on transport service between Germiston and Cairo.
- 1944 On the death of her husband, Rosamund Everard-Steenkamp joined the Air Transport Auxiliary in England and was subsequently killed in a flying accident.

Art Exhibitions
- 1931 – 1944 Everard Group exhibitions.
- 1936 Empire Exhibition, Johannesburg.
- 1967 The Everard Group prestige retrospective art exhibition, Pretoria Art Museum.

Public Art collections
- Will Humphreyss Art Gallery, Kimberley; Tatham Art Gallery, Pietermaritzburg.

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